The Happiness Infertility of Identity Politics

It was a relatively harsh headline, but I think it sums up the situation. The common feature of countries that experience crises in terms of economy, human rights, justice, freedom of expression is that they are governed by conservative governments engaged in politics with their religious and national identities, or by Marxist governments who themselves have turned into a religion: Identity politics is the standard style of politics for these countries.

Think about it: You are a young man who sees his parents struggling with a livelihood, and realizes that his parents don’t even have time of his own. You can witness that your parent calculates a debt when it comes to his long time. You cannot speak freely, you cannot express yourself because there is a fear of arrest. Every spare time you have is spent either working to contribute to the family budget, or studying to save your future if you are studying, or at least living under their pressure. You are allowed to choose one of your own limited hobbies, engaging for a few hours a week. If you live in the countryside, the difference in experience and educational opportunities between you and any poor child in the city is very significant. Nobody around you is really happy, they are in an inferiority complex, most of them spend their lives paying debt, constantly angry. They have always seen a crisis, whether economic or political… Everyone speaks hate towards each other. You can find a job only if you are in the ruling circles or if you are on the side of the parties that have established their own power in the local administration. Apart from these, you see precarious working conditions, difficult steps of civil service appointment, years of searching for a job. Immorality, opportunism, corruption, favoritism go wild. Every day, someone is accused of enmity, illegality, and made a target. The streets are unsafe. The public is insistent and obsessed with not learning, not changing. There is no hope for the future. Science and culture are exhausted. Everywhere there is propaganda of religiosity, longing for history, hatred of the other, the morality of communion, and the blessing of nationalism.

But at the same time, you were born into technology and you see life in developed countries in seconds with the phone in your hand. You see respectable democracy, respected institutions, developed culture and art, advanced science and technology, advanced social ethics, prosperity, freedom, equality of opportunity, education quality, human quality, fair trial, freedom of expression, and the impartiality the state shows to its citizens. Crisis periods are resolved with cooperation, state aid, and local and national organizations. Nobody from those countries falls into a difficult situation in your country.

In this case, the nation and religion, which are shown as the number one and proud elements of your life, match your own plight. Nation and religion appear to be the causes of these bad conditions. Each new generation becomes more indifferent and distant to nationalism and religiousness. Maybe the poor still believe them, but their unhappiness increases exponentially.

Does this situation sound familiar?

It is normal to sound familiar. I am talking about our neighbor Iran, it has absolutely nothing to do with us. You can continue to stay the same with peace of mind.

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    1. Hello there.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my essay.
      My essay lacked leaning on scientific studies. It contained my impressions of current politics in my own country.
      With your article, I stepped into the theoretical framework that I was missing while writing my essay. I have benefited greatly from your article and it has given me a head start for further reading.
      Thank you for moving me forward. I wish you success in your work and articles.
      With fraternal respect to the peoples of India.

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